Getting Your Content Out | Quick Wins With COM Episode 73

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The fitness industry is very competitive and we often have many people asking, how can I attract more clients? The answer is clear – Get your content out there! Put your content on any and every social media platform to showcase your business.

So now you’re asking – How do I do this? 

Create your own content, get someone to film your sessions, this doesn’t have to be professionally filmed. You can even use your camera on your phone, as long as you have this content that presents your business and real clients the authenticity is enough to entice people. You should showcase your clients’ stories and ask them how training with you has improved their lives. When you ask that question and capture it you will get the answers you need to gain more clients.

This method is simple and you can do it again and again. This kind of content gives you something to market online! Which means you can:

  1. Improve the quality of ads

Having authentic content that people engage with will boost the quality of your ads because it is like no other! If you have a unique selling point, showcase it in your videos, let the world know what you have to offer and why people should join you! 

  • Improve retention

Having existing clients feel involved in the growth of the business is so important. It’s all about connectivity and community and what a better way to do this than involving your clients in the process. 

  • Improve the quality of leads

When people see how much your clients benefit from you they will want to be involved. People are drawn to a community that is motivated and have fun and if your content shows this then people will want to join in!  With original content that is all about storytelling, you can capture what’s actually going on in your business and show people what they are missing. Repeat this process and this is how you will become the number one fitness professional in your industry because people can understand and visualize what you do.