How This Gym Owner Organically Increased His Engagement x10 | A COM Ninja Case Study

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Meet Boris Stojicic, he is the gym owner of Plus Fitness Liverpool. Before starting the COM Ninja program he felt that his gym was at a plateau in terms of their marketing and growth. Since joining the COM Ninja program he has implemented several strategies to get his dream results! 

Through the COM Ninja program, Boris focused on increasing his engagement organically on Facebook and Messenger. The engagement on these platforms has increased x10 and people are reaching out and contacting the gym directly because of the hard work Boris has put in to get these results!  

Another success was the 1st birthday sale which aimed to get 30 signups, they smashed this goal and received 86 sign-ups by the end of the sale. This is because, with the help of our COM coaching, Boris learned to adjust the Facebook audience and found the right target audience for their Facebook Ads. With this knowledge, Boris was able to have a large reach and get 86 new gym members! 

A major factor that has now differentiated Plus Fitness Liverpool is their video content. Boris is consistently creating a lot of video content for video marketing so that the gym team is positioned as the experts in the local area. This has meant people who see these videos will want to go to this gym for tips and advice because Boris and his team know what they are talking about.  A lot of feedback lately has been to keep up the videos and provide tips on certain exercises, this just shows the power of video content! 

At first, Boris was unsure about joining the Ninja program and was questioning whether social media marketing would be worth it for his gym. But he soon found that joining COM was a worthy decision. The topics discussed in the COM workshops and one on one sessions were relevant and interactive so he could see where he needed to be and what he needed to do to get the results he wanted. Boris also found the atmosphere beneficial because he could get advice from other people in the fitness industry and picked up lots of tips and ideas from a range of motivated people. 

The best part of Boris’ Ninja journey has been the monthly catch-ups that keep him on track and accountable for what strategies he needs to implement. He has gained a lot of knowledge about social media marketing and audiences as well as planning his days and weeks to be task-oriented. His mindset has transformed to be one that is constantly proactive and productive!  We are so proud of Boris and the team at Fitness Plus Liverpool and can’t wait to see more content and even more results from Boris!

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