How This Melbourne Studio Owner Increased His Revenue By 30% in 8 Months

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Can we introduce you to John Hiatt? He’s one of our amazing Ninja Online tribe. John joined the Ninja Program about a year ago and being in Melbourne decided to do our online program.


John owns an EFM Franchise in the Melbourne suburb of Coburg. Now buying into a Franchise definitely has it’s advantages, you have the in built marketing support from head office which is a great head start.

Despite the support from head office, John felt like he still wasn’t known in his local area and struggled to know what he should be focusing on when it comes to marketing. There are SO many options that can take you down a million rabbit holes – but what he wanted to know which ones were the right ones for his particular business.

Just by implementing the techniques from our brand awareness modules he has been able to increase his brand awareness in the local area, which has had a direct correlation to his conversion rate which has increased from 25% to 35% in the space of 8 months.

It was now much easier when John contacted new leads, because he didn’t have to explain WHO he was, because they had already seen and heard of him before making an enquiry.

Like many business owners John had almost completely given up on Facebook as a lead generation source, thinking it was just a big waste of time. But with some guidance from the COM Team and the right systems and processes in place John has been able to use Facebook to not only generate leads, but has reduced his per lead cost from on overage $50 per lead to now $15 per lead.

We get so excited to hear and share these stories from our Ninjas who are doing some amazing work, building the studio of their dreams and changing the lives of everyday Aussie’s.