How To Stand Out Among The Competition | Quick Wins With COM Episode 76

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Did you know Richard started out as a personal trainer at the age of 17? At the time being a Personal Trainer was very new, so the goal was to educate people about what a PT was. Now everyone knows what a PT is, so as a PT you just need to understand how you can talk to potential clients to get them to join your tribe.

In today’s QWWC episode Richard is in SNAP fitness in the Christchurch CBD, creating a lot of content for gyms and having conversations with fitness professionals. He noticed a lot of fitness professionals keep saying that the industry is not as good as it used to be, it’s more competitive and it’s different. Yes, things have changed and the game has shifted. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, as long as the position you are in at the moment is a successful position for you and you’re going in the right direction.

When Richard was 17 he bought a fitness studio for $50 000 and he had no idea what he was doing!  It took him an hour to get to work at 3 AM and an hour to get home at 10 PM. One thing that he had on his side was the willingness to do work! He didn’t know how to run a business, nor any experience in being a leader or managing a team. But his willingness to do the work, to overcome these challenges is what got him where he is today!

So next time you’re saying the industry is too busy, too competitive and it’s too hard, well you need to have a better work ethic. That means:

  • More learning
  • Understanding how to market better
  • Understanding how to tell a good story
  • Understanding how people actually feel when they come to your facility
  • And most importantly, MORE WORK!

Did you know there are only 15% of people in gyms, that means there is a big opportunity in the marketplace to understand how you can take your business to the next level if you are willing to do the hard work?

You need to be willing to travel, willing to do the hours, willing to work overtime, if you’re willing to do what it takes to try and understand how to attain quality leads into your business then you can be successful!

If you want to grow your business then be an expert at marketing, learn how to post more, post with storytelling and post with consistent content.

People are educated about gyms but now it’s your turn, you need to understand how you can talk to those potential clients how to attract them into your tribe  How hard are you willing to work on your sales and marketing?  80% of your sales and marketing will help you win the game, so what’re you going to do to work harder and grow your business?