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So, you own a yoga, pilates or fitness studio? You got into it because you loved it. But these days it just seems like a constant struggle. You’re always hustling for leads. You constantly see new studio’s popping up on what seems like every corner of your suburb. And you just can’t seem to grow past a certain number even though you’re working more hours than you care to admit.

We’ve seen the struggle over and over again. Studio owners who love what they do and have a passion to help people be fitter, healthier, happier and stronger. They are working hard, but no matter how hard they work they just can’t seem to get ahead. They’re trying to work out marketing but they’re a trainer, not a content marketer! They’ve tried agencies, they’ve tried doing it themself and nothing seems to work.

Is there some magic growth secret you are just not getting?

After seeing the same struggles one too many times we took everything we knew about growing fitness businesses over the last 20 years and built it into a unique & predictable growth system. We designed it specifically for fitness & wellness studio owners to help you understand WHAT you need to do to grow and the strategies and tactics to be able to actually do it (or hire the right people to do it). 

And it works! It’s not unusual for a studio owner to go through the program and double (or even triple) their studio in under 8 months. No marketing training, skills or prior knowledge. Just putting in the reps and following the plan.

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Our clients have generated $??? dollars in revenue as a result of our studio growth system

This is the exact system our clients have used to achieve their dreams:

We could go on and on and on and fill up entire pages of stories like this (in fact if you scroll down you can hear some of these stories). It’s not magic, none of these business owners is a qualified marketer. They just followed our step by step program to achieve not only growth in their studio but a better lifestyle for themselves. 

You know the kind of lifestyle that means you can come home and have dinner with your kids a few nights a week (not the lifestyle that online gurus sell you of working from a laptop on the beach… year #sorrynotsorry for that)

In other words… it just works. And we’ve used it with every type of fitness business you can imagine and every one of them has seen growth.


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WE’RE NOT AN AGENCY… And you don’t need one

Agencies are designed for medium-sized businesses not for everyday local businesses like those in the fitness industry. The fact is you probably don’t need hundreds of leads every month. You might need 30, 10 or just 3. Agencies work on volume and as much as you might *think* that kind of flow of leads is what you need, it’s not.

What you need is the right kind of leads. 
• You need lead funnels that are proven to work for the fitness industry
• You’re not running national or multi-national campaigns.

• You’re a local business, in a local area

And the fact is. Agencies don’t deal with local businesses. There’s no money in it for them.

And that’s why we’re not an agency. Sure we can build websites and our design gurus can build you a kick-ass brand. But when it comes to lead generation we’re not delivering them to you… we’re teaching you how to turn on the lead tap for yourself… and have it flow for months and years to come (so you don’t have to hook up to an agency month after month forking out your hard-earned money).

We’re Going To Take The Guesswork Out Of It For You

We’re going to take a wild guess and say that most of the time when you actually get to marketing you feel like you’re just throwing a whole lot of stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks. 

Hope marketing is not a marketing plan.

But we are here to deliver you some hope. Because instead of running around like a headless chicken hoping something might work, we’re going to give you the exact frameworks, strategies, tactics and growth plans that have worked for literally hundreds of other studio’s before you.

They’ve worked for Single PT’s, they’ve worked for boutique studio’s, they’ve worked for franchises, big-box gyms, pilates, martial arts studios, yoga, heck! Even online coaches.

Stop scratching your head, or trying out the one-hundredth hack from that online guru you follow on Instagram and get on the fast track with our step by step gameplan.

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No worries, we’ve got it

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It’s worked for Hundreds of Fitness Businesses across Australia & New Zealand

60+ years of fitness marketing experience is no joke.

You’re not getting the expertise of just one coach, you’re getting the collective expertise of our TEAM of coaches and combined we’ve been doing this for more than 60 years (I know we look good don’t we?)

Richard Toutounji

Business Strategy Coach

joey 2

Joey Toutounji

Brand & Content Coach

Ev Chapman

Facebook Ads & Automation Coach

helen 2

Helen Uskovic

Organic Social Media Coach

Imagine if in 12 months…

Not only is this possible, but most ninjas achieve this and more in LESS than 12 months.

Richard toutounji and team


Let’s be straight. You can continue doing what you’re doing now. Working your fingers to the bone day after day, week after week. That might work.. But you also might burn out trying. So, let’s jump on a call and see if we can fast track your studio to growth and get you back to loving your life and business again!

Be quick! Free Spots Are Almost Gone For July