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Outstanding Customer Service – Quick Wins with COM Episode 10

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about outstanding customer service
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Video Transcription

Richard : Welcome back to COM Quick Wins. I’m Richard Toutounji. Today we’re talking about a topic that … I like to talk about topics that you can implement in your business straight away. We’re talking about good versus outstanding customer service. You see, I believe that if we’re going to do something, if we’re going to run a business, we might as well do it the best. We might as well do it outstandingly. We might as well do it with so much passion and so much belief that we create followers to our tribe. We create clients that we love to work with. What’s the point of doing something you don’t love? It’s simple. To create great versus outstanding customer service, I’ve got four tips that I’ve summarised it for you. Tip number one is to say hi. I believe as a growing company, any growing company, what happens generally is the leader, the CEO, the owner of the business they’ll hire more staff et cetera. What happens, when they start to not see the face to face client.

It’s important that you’re always giving the experience, your leadership, to your clients. Always take the time to say hi. If that’s meeting for coffee, call on the phone, having a quick message to them. It means a lot to a client. It means a lot when you want to provide outstanding customer service. Number two is culture. As you grow as a business it’s super important that you start to leave a legacy, you start to make sure that what you feel, what you envision, that the rest of your team, if you’ve got staff or suppliers or if you’re by yourself, it doesn’t matter, you have this culture that is welcoming, that is inviting, that people want to be around you. You have this energy that radiates off you. That’s culture. Make sure that’s in everything you do. That could be from the invoices you sent out, from the booklets you do, from the advertising, from the clothes you wear. It’s culture. It’s energy that comes out.

We’re going to talk about it in another episode about culture later, because it’s quite a big topic. Number three is a leader. Everybody wants to be led. It doesn’t matter where you are, people want to be led. If it’s your clients, they want to be led, making sure that you’re leading them to the right path. They’ve got your service for a reason and they’re paying you for a reason. They’re inquiring about for a reason. Make sure that you lead them down the right path. Make sure you motivate them down the right path. Make sure you keep telling them, “This is the why we’re doing it this path, because your outcomes are this and this is the way we need to go down.” Keep enforcing why this is. This is a great leader.

Make sure you lead your team. If you’ve got a staff, if you’ve got suppliers, lead them. Guide them to where your vision is set. That also radiates to your clients as well. Remember, make sure you’re a great leader for your clients and for your team most importantly. Number four, make it easier for your clients to say yes. More yeses equals great customer experience. It equals amazing experience. It equals outstanding experience. Make it easier for them to say yes. Make sure your packages, your services, everything you do radiates a yes. If you come up with friction all the time with your clients, it’s exhausting. It’s time consuming. Make sure that you understand exactly what they want. They’ve come to the right business with the right culture, with the right leadership. All it is it’s you’re just reinforcing everything.

Say yes, you get more sales. Say yes to greatness. Say yes to I need to upgrade my services. Say yes I need to do more training sessions. Make it easier for them to say yes. Why would I want to take my training sessions up from training two times a week to training three times a week? It’s going to cost me more but hang on, it’s easy because I’m going to get better results that way. Make sure that it’s just easy to say yes. Make sure that the paperwork’s right. Makes sure that the agreements are all there. Make sure that the marketing is in place, just to make it easier to say yes. If you don’t say yes, the client is going to get confused. They’ve always got all of these messages coming in. Make sure that the process that you have in place with everything you do leads down to a yes, not a no, and definitely not confusion.

Confusion is going to take a lot more time in your business and it’s going to decrease that amazing customer experience. Those are my four quick tips for you. Start implementing these things and see how you go with them. You may be doing some. You may not be doing others. Start testing them out because remember, if you create amazing customer service you’re going to get amazing clients and you’re going to have an amazing business. That’s what it comes down to. Change your attitude. Change your thoughts, and make sure you love what you do. I look forward to bringing more of these episodes to you, so if you like it share it around. I’ll see you next time.

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