The Secret To Online Success For Personal Trainers – Quick Wins With Com Ep 57

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Is bigger always better? When it comes to creating quality clients in your fitness location – not necessarily. There is this perception that you need more likes, more followers and huge influence online in order to get more leads into your business. But that’s not always the case. When you create the right conversations with the right people, you can keep it small and still increase your leads.

1. Have quality conversations with the right people

You might have a huge database of people but some of them are just not your ideal audience. When you try to send out relevant information to a database that is diverse you are just going to get lost in people’s inboxes. Email is hard enough these days, so you have to be super specific about your audience and send them only the most relevant information to them.

For example if you’re audience is Mum’s coming back to training after having a baby, but you have a database full of men who want to gain muscle – you’re never going to win with the blogs, videos and resources that you send them. But as soon as you niche your database down and send only the most relevant information to those people that you WANT to train, not only are people going to open your email, you are going to be able to have quality conversations with those people.

You don’t need a database of 25k people. You just need your exact audience and to create quality conversations with those people.

2. Do it in small groups.

No, I’m not necessarily talking about small group training here. I’m talking about communicating with people in small groups. Messenger is a great way to do this. You can have a group chat with a few people – say three people who started training together. Add them all into a messenger conversation. That way you are not only having a conversation with that person – but they start to feel the community of being in a group.

3. Have Real Conversations

Before you can even think about using online marketing to grow your fitness business you need to be aware of some of your key numbers. Most importantly – how many conversations do you need to have to get a lead or sale. If you convert 80% of your conversations into someone training with you in the gym and you only need to get 10 more people than you need to have 12 conversations. But if you only on average convert 30% of conversations then you’ll need to have conversations with more people.

Once you know your numbers, all you have to be focussed on is the conversations – making sure you have enough of them. Because when you have enough conversations you know you are going to convert a percentage of people.

So, you don’t have to have more and more followers in order to get more clients in the gym – just focus on having real, conversations with people and you can’t go wrong.

What are your thoughts? Have you always thought that you needed to get more and more followers online in order to get more clients? Let us know in the comments below.