Systems To Scale Up Your Fitness Business With Chris Muddell of Employsure | Industry Change Episode 16

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The one thing that we see can hold personal trainers back from scaling their business is the fear around hiring staff and employees. So today on Industry Change Richard talks to Chris Muddell from Employsure about the best way to manage new staff and compliance in your business. Chris is a BDM at Employsure and also a sales and performance expert. He’s a ‘magic man’ when it comes to scaling businesses through the right systems.

Most people went into business in order to help people and because they were good at what they do and then suddenly we are thrust into a world where we unsure of – bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, HR and more. It can be hard to know exactly what we are supposed to be doing – because we never trained for this!

At the end of the day you have two choices in your business. Stay as a solo operator (and there is nothing wrong with this) or bring on employees to help you scale your operations. The reality is that most business owners don’t hire employees soon enough. They struggle working 12 hour days, doing ALL the work, when in reality if they bought on a part time employee to help them, they could work less hours and focus more on growing the business rather than doing EVERYTHING.

But how do you navigate the tricky world of managing new employees? It’s definitely a worry for most business owners. You have to think about wages, contracts, holiday pay, what you’re obligations are, what if employees screw you, etc.? The KEY is setting expectations from the start. A solid employee handbook that outlines all the behaviours that you expect and the consequences for not following those behaviours.

When you and an employee agree on set behaviours, everything from sick leave to putting away weights in the gym, then you can breath easy knowing that you have a system and fallback if anything ever happens. And best of all, Employsure are able to make this whole process happen for you, from developing your employee handbook to writing employee contracts and being there if and when things go pear shaped.

You don’t have to let fear of the unknown hold you back from scaling and growing the business of your dreams. Just make sure you have a good trusted partner to help you along the way.