The Secret To Ultra Performance In Your Fitness Studio | Quick Wins With COM Ep 78

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A few months ago I was wandering around the Fitness Show in Melbourne’s Convention Centre and Stumbled into an exhibit in the back corner that had a bath filled with ice in it… I was intrigued to say the least.

Lured in by what looked like a wild man, we started to chat about the benefits of the ice bath experience. His name was Mark ‘Tiger’ Kluwer, wim hof method instructor and mind strength motivator.

Mark told me about some of the biggest benefits of ice baths, here are 3 of the main ones.

Learn How To Breath

Did you know that we take 20,000 breaths per day and yet we’re mostly unaware of them and not connected into our bodies? With all the distractions coming at us in the modern world, it’s no wonder that we don’t connect in with our body.

But the benefits of getting in touch with our breath is powerful. It brings us into the present moment. Makes us more aware and present in every situation which brings a hyper awareness that can help us in every situation.

Face Your Fears

Don’t be fooled, getting in the Ice Bath is HARD. The temperature is between 0-3 degrees celsius, so just getting your mind to overcome the fear and move your body so it gets in that Ice Bath is really hard.

And then knowing you have to stay in that bath for 3 minutes at every points your mind and your body are screaming at you to get out – but you get through it through the breath and going into your heartspace – in turn conquering a big fear.

Deal With Stress

The whole ice bath experience is quite stressful on the body and being able to deal with that stress through the breath and through our mindset – shows us how we can deal with those same stressful situations in life.

Watch the video to see me go through the whole experience and find out why and Ice Bath could be just what you need to increase performance, deal with stress and face your biggest fears.

Richard Toutounji