Wollongong Gym Hits Break Even Point in Just 8 Weeks

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We are so proud of what Max has been able to do from building a gym from scratch to break even point in 8 weeks has been amazing to see and be a part of. We watched Max battle for months and months on getting approvals through for the property, but while he was doing that, he also was building a solid brand foundation which has been the key to such a great start in the new business.

WGF has quickly established itself as one of the best gyms in the Wollongong area. Max has been in the fitness game for 30 something years having started from humble beginnings in his parents backyard. But if you had asked him if he thought he could have built a new gym and reached capacity after 8 weeks of opening before the ninja program, he would have laughed in your face.

Before the ninja program he had no strategy and any growth he had was more luck than planning. Coming into the ninja program he focused on refining his branding, building his content and working out the best and most cost effective way to get leads. Because of that focus he has been able to grow with very little paid advertising. In fact, a big part of his strategy has been doubling down on his organic content. As he says… “When The Content Goes Out… we get enquiries.”

Being your own boss can be tough sometimes and Max says that the monthly and weekly calls in the ninjas program have been a really great way to stay accountable and get the support you need. Before the ninja program he might have spent time talking to other business buddies – but now he has a structured process to get support whenever he needs it.

Max, we are so incredibly proud of the results you have been able to achieve at WGF and we can’t wait to see you scale and grow even more.