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Push & Pull Marketing – Quick Wins with COM Ep 04

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about Push & Pull marketing strategy.
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Video Transcription

Richard Toutounji : Welcome back to the COM Quick Wins. I’m Richard Toutounji, your host, and today we are talking about the theory of pushing and pulling, push your marketing and pull your marketing. A lot of you, I’m sure, have heard this method before, but let me explain it to you, because I don’t see it really happening that well in the marketplace today.

Let’s go back to a theory, I like to call it the push theory. I started business when I was about 13. Most of you entrepreneurs probably did the same thing. You had a lawn mowing [run 00:00:37]. You had a babysitting service. I started lawn mowing. I had a flyer I printed up. On the flyer it said “Lawn mowed for $20. Hedges an extra $5.” I printed it up on a very, I guess, one of the first computers, and it had a little Garfield icon on, because that was the only icon that was available. I ran up a few flyers, and I went to deliver the flyers around my local area. I walked four blocks one way, four blocks another way, and four blocks another way. The reason why I just did four blocks is, I had to push the lawnmower to get to my client after school.

What I did with this flyer, I pushed the flyer into everybody’s mailbox. I delivered them. I asked for a specific thing. I didn’t give any value. I didn’t give any experience. I didn’t give a story. I just said, “Lawn mowing $20. Edges extra $5,” phone number, that was it. That was it. The next day, I got calls straight away. “Hey, I want my lawn mowed.” Great. It’s so easy.

See, that’s what we call the push marketing theory. That’s what a lot of people are still doing. They’re saying, “Here’s my product. It’s $10. It’s $20. Call me now to purchase it.” That’s old school marketing. It doesn’t work anymore. If it works, it’s getting less and less and less and less, and you wouldn’t notice [inaudible 00:01:52].

Now, it’s about the pull theory. Let me tell you what the pull theory is. The pull theory is pulling your customer into you. It’s about building trust and credibility. It’s the “know and I can trust” factor. It’s making sure that you provide really good value. You provoke interest in the marketplace, and then people go, “Hey, that was really interesting. What does this guy do? Hey, that was really interesting. What does his company do?”

Examples of this are providing great, relevant blog articles. It’s providing information. It’s providing videos, giving a lot of value, value, value, value. Once you give enough value to somebody, the automatic thing they want to do is say, “Hey, how do I give value back to this person, because I just got so value out of that.” That’s what we call the push and the pull theory.

Today’s marketing, in 2016, it’s all about pull marketing more than ever before. We have platforms like You Tube, Vimeo, blogs. This is to make sure that we can put our content in those place. It could be you give information about how to do a photography course. You watch a video and after awhile, you go, “You know what? I actually want to take a lesson with this guy.” It’s about giving enough value and provoking enough interest in your marketplace. It’s the pull method.

Just remember next time you market, when was the last time you actually provided a lot of value, really good value, to your marketplace? I guarantee you, once you provide a lot of good, quality value to your marketplace, the next advertisement you put out, people will go back, they’re going to research and check you out. If you have enough pulling messages in there, they’re going to give you a call. They’ll send you an email, and they’ll ask, “Hey, I’m interested in doing business with you. I know I can trust you, so let’s talk.”

I hope you like this episode of COM Quick Wins. Remember, if it’s provided enough value to you, be sure to share it and I’ll look forward to seeing you soon. Thanks so much.

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