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Real Content – Quick Wins with COM Episode 30

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Video Transcription

R Toutounji: Welcome back to Quick Wins with Com. Richard Toutounji, the founder of Complete Online Marketing. We help businesses win in the new age of online marketing. Today, we’re at Com HQ and behind us we’re doing a photo shoot for our company. I always like to do a photo shoot more regular than I ever did before. I believe that we’re in a time right now where content and online marketing is key parts of your business. What’s happened before in the past, and I was very much a victim of this is, I’ll do a photo shoot and it would last for five years. I’ll never update things again. Now, where content is king and people are going on before they’re making a phone call. Going on before they’re even doing business, is that the perception that people see initially. They see your Instagram photos, they see your About Us page. Remember the About Us page is the second most popular page on a website [bar 00:00:55] the homepage.

People are going to your About Us page and looking at the team profiles. If you don’t have team profiles, they’re going, “Oh, do these people exist? What do you think they’re like?” It’s about making sure that you can perceive the image that you actually are. You need to make sure that you look great in the marketplace, most importantly. It’s really important to keep things fresh. Keep things innovative. When was the last time you took a photo shoot? When was the last time you did a company video? When was the last time you took really great images for your Instagram or Facebook profiles? You see, it’s not that hard to work on our own branding. You just need to organise it. You need to be clear on what you want. Whereabouts is it for the website? Is it for Instagram, is it for Facebook? Is it for my portfolio? Then just get it done.

Another point where I really believe that if you aren’t doing your own content, this is the point. It’s authenticity and making sure that your brand actually is real. Remember, I know your brand is real, but the people on the outside, your potential clients and customers don’t know that you’re real. They’re checking out all these elements to see if you are real. If you’re not real, it means that they’re going to go to the next website, or the next page. Make sure you’re real. The best way to get real is to get content. Real content, videos and photos, and do it regularly. I’ll say at least every six months. Make sure you do a photo shoot, especially if you’re in an industry where people are really engaging online first to figure out, “Do I trust this person or not?”

People are asking, “Is this person trustworthy?” Is this person trustworthy to sell my most important asset, my house? Is this person trustworthy to organise my wedding? Is this person trustworthy to babysit my kids? You see, it’s about the photos. It’s about the content. It’s about making sure, though, you execute it, you do it, and you put it on your socials. You put it on your website. That’s this episode of Quick Wins and Com. I’m Richard Toutounji. Be sure to check out our other episodes. We go into about marketing, mindset and business. Until then, I’ll see you next time.

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