Stop, Reflect… Scale Up #38

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Tune into this week’s episode where Richard talks about how reflection can help you achieve your goals.

How often do you stop and reflect? Once a day? Once a week? Maybe you have gone this whole year and not had a chance to stop and reflect on all the achievements you have had.

Being able to sit down and write down all your achievements can actually help you in business. It allows you to step back and look at all your wins, whether they’re big or small, and reflect on the impact they’ve had on your business.

Each week I like to sit down and make 4 lists:

  1. Achievements: this can be everything you have ever achieved, from starting your business or making a big sale or it could be your wins for just this week.
  2. Micro-achievements: what are all the small things you have achieved today?
  3. Gratitude: write down all the things you are grateful for, bring yourself into the moment and really be thankful for everything that you have
  4. What do I need to do tomorrow? If you don’t plan what you need for tomorrow the time will come and go and you will have lost an important moment to achieve goals.

You will find that writing each of these down will help you bring yourself into the present moment and help you plan the direction of your business.

Give it a go this week and see if reflection helps you get ahead.

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 Video Transcription

Welcome back to Quick Wins With COM. I’m Richard Toutounji, and today I’m in New York city. I’ve been here for about a week helping business owners really take their business to the next level. And I’m sitting here in Hudson River, just overlooking the water here. I can see Statue of Liberty just behind me here. I thought this would be a great spot to talk about reflection, because I really believe that it’s in the reflection that everything happens.

It’s when you reflect, the magic truly happens. And we can go around in business in circles if we don’t do this. And so, it just means, every day, taking that time out to learn a little bit more about what you’ve achieved and what you’ve done in the past to actually get you moving forward to where you want to go, most importantly.

I had a lot of business owners say, “Hey, Richard, I’ve got a business here, and I want to get it to there. I kind of know what I need to do, but I just can’t do it.” And I think everybody goes through the same process, but I think it just comes down to a couple things, and I’m going to mention two, and when you reflect you want to talk about a few things. You want to focus on what you’ve done in the past successfully. So, I’d write an entire list down to say, “Hey, I’ve done all these things in the past. I’ve achieved this, this, this, this over the last year/six months,” even 10 years, your entire life, it doesn’t matter.

You get that sorted, and then you say, “Okay, today I’ve achieved all these things.” Like the micro things, and you can actually see, “Hey, I’ve achieved already so much.” And as business owners or entrepreneurs, we do a lot of things. We probably don’t realise we do because we just have to get things done. We’ve got to put the work in there. So it all just happens. And then I also like to say, “What am I grateful for?” Because I find when you’re grateful for it, it brings you to the present really, really fast, and you don’t focus on the future, you don’t focus on the past. So, it brings you to the present.

And then, after that, you want to ask yourself a question, “What do I need to do tomorrow to get me to the next place?” And you write that down, ready to execute for tomorrow, because tomorrow will come and if you’re not planned, it’s just going to go. That’s the first thing.

I think the second part of this whole journey of being a business owner, is it’s a tough one too, because we’re consistently not sure which path to take. So, what we tend to do, is we start to compare to people that are possibly similar, people that we respect, which is great to see, “Hey, that’s a mentor there, that’s what I want to achieve,” but when you do it every day, and when you follow them so much, it becomes overwhelming. You become stressful.

So, it’s really important to stop comparing to everybody, and once you’ve made a decision on what you want to do, how you’re going to get there, what you’re going to do with your marketing, your branding, your business, you just got to put your head down and get it done. And turn off all the notifications from any other person that you’re comparing to, because that will most likely take you down the wrong path.

You see, every single business owner, entrepreneur, have a skill set. They have a greater skill set that they’ve been born with, and that they’re using. And so, it’s really important to tune-in to your greater skill set, that’s how it’s going to take you to that journey. And what’s going to happen, it’s going to start to work, the process will start to work. And that place where you wanted to go to, you will achieve that, but it’s only when you stop, reflect, turn off the noise and move forward. Thanks for listening in to Quick Wins With COM. I look forward to seeing you next time where we’re talking about marketing, mindset and business. So, until next time, I’ll see you later. But this is New York, I hope you’ve enjoyed.

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