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Switching Off To Switch Back On – Quick Wins with COM Episode 14

Tune into to this weeks episode where Richard talks all about switching off to switch back on.
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Video Transcription

Richard: Welcome back to COM Quick Wins. It’s Richard Toutounji, and today we’re talking about Switching Off To Switch Back On. Switch back on even brighter, switch back on to perform at your best, switch back on to do exceptional work in your industry and your business.

How do you do that? It’s not about, say, I’m going to go on a holiday in three months, or six months. It’s not about waiting for that magical weekend. It’s about how do you do this every day? It’s the small will equal the big in the future. This is a process that I believe all successful business owners, operators, actors … Anybody in their field doing greatness has some sort of routine in the morning, has some sort of habit that they have to make sure that they continue their greatness, their super-powers.

How do you do that? If you read any biography, if you talk to anybody like that, I always find that there’s one little secret. I really believe it’s the morning routines of a successful person that brings them to that success. That teaches them that they’ve got to switch off and find that space in their minds. You can work at your job as much as you want and be the best at your job, but if you’re not working on yourself it’s very hard. There’s going to become a blockage that you’ll never be able to become the best at your job, the best at your career. It all comes back to how well you’re working on you.

How well are you Switching Off To Switch Back On? When you have that morning space, when you disconnect in the morning … I’m saying when you get up you don’t look at your emails, your Facebook, your Instagram, your calls, your phone, actually don’t even look at your phone. It’s about then having your routine that’s going to work for you. That’s going to be different for everybody but you’re going to find that there’s daily rituals that help to inspire you every day, that help to switch you off.

In the morning that could be a routine of meditation or exercise or breathing or walking or swimming, whatever it is that can switch you off. An exercise is part of it, I believe. Another part of that is the time that you do it in. There’s a great author called Robin Sharma, his most popular book is The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. He’s a big believer in the 5:00am Club he talks about, and I believe he’s got a book coming out about that. If it’s five o’clock, six o’clock, four o’clock, whatever it is, it’s about having that peaceful state when there’s no cars, there’s no people calling you. It’s that magical time in the morning that gives you that edge before you start your day; it gives you that edge to move forward. I believe in that morning time is a great time just for you to have that space before you actually have to go into battle for the day. Before you have to motivate your team, motivate your staff, talk to your clients, whatever it is. It’s that time that you can have in that morning time. Choose the morning, and the earlier the better obviously.

Another great friend of mine, Sam Corthen, his message is about bouncing forward, not back. To do that one of the methods he uses is proximity. We’ve all heard of, you know, the five people that you’re going to be hanging around is going to create your wealth. What their income is going to be your income and I think it’s much more than that. It’s about the five people that are going to inspire you, or the two people, or whoever you’re hang out … Who are you hanging out with that are going to inspire you to move forward? That is going be able to freshen your mind up in that quiet time, that they’ve inspired you with some great, amazing concepts, ideas, strategies to move forward in your direction. Who you spend time with is your proximity of people, are super, super important. Choose wisely, choose very, very wisely who you’re hanging around with and who inspires you to move forward.

The other point is about education. How are you educating yourself to move forward? I had one of my guys jump in my car to drop a client off to the airport, and in the car I had this CD. Sort of a success CD, it interviews a lot of entrepreneurs, I get every month in the mail. It’s in the little moments of … It could be the two minutes that it took to go to the airport and back. It’s those little moments that create that mindfulness, create that space to say “Hey, this is the influence that I’m getting in.” Instead of listening to the radio for that five minutes, we’re listening to a very successful entrepeneur in those five minutes. It’s those little moments throughout the day, it’s the little conversations that you have throughout the day, that will actually shape that switching on and switching off.

That sort of wraps up a very quick segment of having that mindfulness, having that switch off time on the morning, into Switching Off To Switch On, to perform at your peak, to perform at your super ability in your job, in your industry to move forward.

If you liked this episode, let me know, comment below and share with me what is your morning ritual, or what is the way that you Switch Off To Switch On. Little small, daily things will create the big change long lasting. Thanks so much, I look forward to speaking to you next time.

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