How Much Should I Pay for A Fitness Lead | Crush Wednesday Episode 80

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What should you pay for a fitness lead? How much should you pay for a lead? What is the magic number? 

Before you start you need to figure out what your business is and what a lead is worth? 

To do this you need to work out a few mathematical things so get your calculator out! 

  1. Work out what is a client worth to you. 
    • Work out your average cost per session – You work this out by keeping it simple,If you are a fitness studio, a class could cost be between $30-50, if you’re a personal trainer this could be $60-80. 
    • Find the average weekly amount and multiply it by 48 (to calculate the yearly rate)- this calculates clients have 4 weeks on holidays. 
    • What is the number you got? 
  2. Work out how many clients you want to work with per week/month if you want to grow your business.
    • How many clients can you physically work with and how many do you want to work with? 
    • If you have 10 clients and you have room for 10 more clients your goal is to bring in more people to achieve your revenue goal. 
    • You should develop a goal of how many clients you want and target clients according to this. 
  3. Work out how much conversion costs.
    • If you know that you need 10 extra clients and you know they bring in $4000 each that gives you $40 000. So what are you doing to get these extra clients in? There is an array of things you can do. 
    • You need to figure out the best way to get clients 
    • Are you going to go for warm leads or cold leads? You have probably maxed out your warm leads and referrals. You might want to market on social media but you need to realize you need to warm up your audience.
    • Example: If you convert 50% and you want to get to 10 extra clients this means you need 20 people going to the trial session (to convert 50%)!
    • There are three steps in the conversion: a lead, a conversation, and people coming in for your trial.
      1. These are the steps people follow and you need to identify if you have a problem in any of these areas that are stopping conversions from flowing.
      2. Do you have a problem with the lead or the conversation or the trial session? 

It really comes down to you and your hard work. You need to be consistent with your business growth. You need to put the time in organic posting or you need to put money on Facebook ads. Just because something doesn’t work the first time doesn’t mean it won’t work the next time. It can be scary. If you want leads straight away you need to make sure you are happy to spend some money. If you aren’t happy to spend money you need to spend more time on organic posting before you have established facebook ads.

The key is to consistently keep advertising and create a testing budget. There is 20% of your budget that tests something different because without testing you won’t know what works for you. 

The fitness industry is changing and evolving. People are wanting leads but no one is willing to pay per lead. So use these steps to work out what are you willing to pay for a client. You won’t be able to grow your business if you don’t know what you need to spend on a lead – so work it out!