Is there a solution from Cold Calling? Help!!!

How often do you receive calls, not knowing who your speaking to and not knowing how they got your details? Today’s consumers are more witty, smarter and they’ll do anything to get you off the phone.

Knowing this, the poor business owner trying to make a sale is paying an arm and a leg for a cold calling sales team. It may have worked 10 years ago, but today, it’s returns are not as efficient. This is not to say cold calling doesn’t work, but there’s got to be a better, more efficient process that doesn’t put holes in your pocket.

I’ve worked in tele sales, cold calling and lead generation in the past. It can be mentally straining and you seem to see your colleagues change quicker than your underwear. Having endured the pain, there’s no better lead than a lead that’s enquired directly to you! So what’s the solution?

Today, we all use the Internet for some reason or another, whether it’s to check our facebook, search for an answer to a question, search for cheap flights, jeeeez; we even ask our phones for directions! The Internet has changed the everyday consumer who is driven by trust, aesthetics, price and most importantly, information!

So here’s the bottom line, if your accessible to that customer in bed searching through google, bing, facebook…… and you tick their boxes, you’ve got a much better chance of them contacting you, then you contacting them and hearing the clichés, ‘I need to think about it’, ‘not interested’, ‘can you call me mid next year’. The best part about it, it’s cheaper than paying $400 per week for a part time call person and your in a position to achieve more leads that are qualified!

There’s no better lead, than a lead that’s contacted you.