COMgratulations to our 2019 COM Ninja Award Winners

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Each year we host our end of year Christmas party and Awards Night. This night is to recognise the great work that our COM Ninjas have achieved as well as celebrate the wins from the year.

On Friday night we hosted our 3rd Annual Christmas Party & Awards night at The Grounds of Alexandria and what an amazing night we all had!

We were so honoured to be able to celebrate with our COM Ninjas, Scalers, Market Leaders and Partners. These business owners work throughout the year through our programs to grow and market their businesses to see more impact in their communities and ultimately to build a fitter, healthier, stronger Australia.

We had so many standout achievers this year that we had to add a couple of new awards – because we just couldn’t choose some clear winners.

As part of the night we took the time to honour our amazing partners who have partnered with us throughout the year. We absolutely love working with our partners to see both our vision and theirs come to life.

Our Partners for 2019:

Fitness Australia
Exercise New Zealand
Impact Training Corporation

Our 2019 Award Recipients

Ninja Of The Year Awarded to Kylie Reh from Rekreate Fitness. This Award is given to someone who has been OUTSTANDING in their business this year. They have been committed to the Ninja Program, showed business growth, strength through challenges and implementation.

Kylie and the Rekreate Team doubled their business in the 8 months in the program. They had a goal of reaching to 200 members and just last month hit 218! Kylie was keen to get off the treadmill of PT life and her business running her. After 8 months she has cut back her hours significantly. She use to teach 24 hours in the gym and now teachers 12 hours, she use to have 10hours of PT and now does no PT each week and the time she spends on admin has halved. Allowing her more time to spend at night at home with her family and has been on some well deserved family trips while her business runs without her.

Well done Kylie!

The COM Ninja Online was Awarded to Ashley Flentjar from Fitness 360. This award is given to one of our online Ninja members who has excelled in the program and grown their business as a result of what they have implemented.

Ashley has literally doubled her business since she’s been in the Ninja Program. Working part time and pursuing her passion for personal training was a struggle. And she worked hard to build up her client base and now works full time in her business.

Well done Ashley!

The COM Market Leader Awarded to Dr. Bobby Chhoker. This Award is given to a business who is in our Market Leader service program, that has gone beyond and taken their business to the next level and become a Market Leader.

Dr. Bobby entered our program at a point where he hadn’t yet started his business. After finishing the COM Ninja program he decided to open up his own dental practice in Bondi Junction – not an easy place to start a business with fierce competition around.

Dr Bobby was able to earn over 100k in the first month of his practice being opened. Since then he has been built an exceptional brand through video marketing, that has driven his leads well below dental lead costs.

Ninja Mastery Awarded to Mark & Stef Dugandzich from Hi Reps Fitness. This award is given to someone who has mastered their marketing and business growth in 2019.

Through the COM Ninja Program Mark & Stef have doubled their revenue in 8months by using a combination of a new low cost offer replacing their free trial and dominating in a new niched market which is their athlete program, they also created and completed 35 episodes of the Real Talk With Stef video show and were a local business award finalist.

Well done guys!

The COM Excellence Award is given to businesses in the COM tribe that have scaled their business. This year we had several award winners in this category:

  • Sally Sukkar (Me Movement) is one of COM’s longest standing ninja & scaler. Things don’t always go to plan and when she had to suddenly move gyms earlier in the year she kept over 80% of her clients because of the amazing tribe she has built. Sally also this year created a rebrand that was something larger then her brand Sally Strengf, she created a ‘movement’ called the Me Movement.
  • Tony Mennillo (Better Than Ever). This time last year Tony was about to move into a brand new premises after 10 years of fear. After one year he has completely filled his new premises and has grown from just him and his wife to 5 staff members and growing FAST.

  • Leanne Bennett (Artistry of Makeup Academy). Leanne has been in business for 18years and came to COM to help generate more leads for her business. Since starting at COM she’s been able to consistently get more leads every single month! From the time she has been in the ninja program she has gained 1.3 million impressions, 19,000 clicks to her website, 129,000 video views and leads have gone from approx 70 leads a month to over 140 leads in one month.
  • Tracy Pendergast (Fit Shape Health & Wellness). Tracy just consistently implements and executes on what she learns in the Ninja Program and as a result has 3x’ed her business, hired her first trainer and has been able to take time away from her business.

Well done Scalers!

The Community Impacter Awarded to Simon Mitchell from White Collar Boxing. This award is given to someone who has impacted their community and created a positive ripple effect to those around them.

Simon is a quiet achiever, but he consistently shows up and does the work. Recently he held a charity event Fight Night with over 500 people in attendance and trained over 20 fighters from zero fight experience to getting in the ring for an actual match!

Amazing Work Simon!

The Fast Growth In The Ninja Program Awarded to Lyn Kokocinsky from In Balance Fitness. This award is based on the number of members the business started with and then completed in the program.

Lyn came in to the program not only to learn new marketing skills, but to grow her business! Through a lot of hard work in not only marketing, but also sales.

The Brand Innovator was award to Iain & Sharon from Pilates 360. This award is given to a business who has consistently worked on their brand to make a positive impact in their business.

Pilates 360 overhauled their whole brand while in the Ninja program from internal studio signage to murals, flyers and brand messaging. They worked hard on their Vision, mission, values and manifesto. This have caused them to not only have a clear brand to consumers, but attract the right people into their studios.

Amazing work Iain & Sharon!

The Next Level Ninja was awarded to Claire Owen from SWIMLAB. This award is based on a individuals knowledge growth and implementation.

Claire not only learnt a whole lot of marketing skills that were foreign to her but also booked out all her swim programs earlier in the year and created a waitlist of clients!

Well Done Claire!

The COM Digital Achiever Awarded to Indah Sanny from Phoenix Strength & Fitness. This award is given to an individual who has excelled in the digital space throughout the program.

Indah started a Facebook Group when she came into the program and in 30 days had built it to over 100 ladies and consistently gets 20-30 comments on EVERY post. She’s building an amazing community of ladies in South Australia.

Well Done Indah!

Thank you to all our COM Ninjas both Live and Online, our Scalers and Partners, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with you this year and helping you to grow your fitness and wellness business.