Why a lot of businesses don’t see results online

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Most businesses today utilise the reach of the internet to assist their businesses. It’s a fact, whether your a sole trade or a company, the effectiveness of the internet is undeniable when correct practises and systems are implemented. However, more businesses don’t see tangible results relative to those that have come to rely on the internet for most of their business.

I guess i have a few questions, Do you own any or all of the following:

  • smart phone
  • laptop
  • tablet/ipad
  • desktop computer

I’m sure the majority of you would have and use all, or a majority of the items listed. However, there’s one thing they all have in common…. the application of the internet. Most people use the internet when they need an answer, ironic since Google is a search engine. Most people use this information. Similarly, people research for solutions that your business may service. However, most businesses don’t have the content and or visibility to the market. So in essence, it’s great to have a website, but if noone can find you, then i’m sure you can put the pieces together.

So for most businesses out there that don’t see results, here are the most common reasons.

Lack of knowledge and understanding

Most business owners don’t understand the value of key items like, content, rankings and how consumers use the internet. But the truth is, it’s valuable. Having an understanding of the digital market, techniques and strategies is crucial and valuable to every business owner. Simple things like adding a blog, linking it to social spaces, adding some before and afters, new products line etc, these simple tasks but to someone without the knowledge, a nightmare. Keep in mind, you don’t need to pay someone to do this, you can do it yourself.


Lack of time

It’s alarming how businesses with websites, don’t care about simple tools, such as, their analytics, website and hosting details etc. Further to this, they put no effort into what their potential customers are seeing. The sad reality is that these businesses have probably had numerous clients land on their website but not convert, simply because there was no element of trust, informative content and value for the customer. It’s currently 2014, but on some websites i still see their new product launch from 2009. Just screams effort to the consumer. However, this is not to say the owner needs to be an expert but a degree of understanding and effort can be the different between no enquires and some enquires. The next point, i don’t have time, this is a fair comment, but updating your website for example is the quickest thing you can do, eg: a new blog, information and images of a new job or product line etc. If you have a website, blog or a facebook page, use it! you’d be surprised!


Lack of direction and clear objectives

Although most businesses have a clear direction and objective, there is a lack of direction and clear objectives set for their online ventures. Planning and evaluation are key tools to growth and stability. Many of our clients have experienced growth and prosperity online, generally attained through clear objectives. Consistency of leads is a secret formula every business owner wants. The secret is simple, diversify your channel of sources and put equal emphasis into all of them.


This blog contain factual information about the reality of why some people don’t see results online. The bottom line, every business has a substantial client base online. It comes down strategy and persistence to convert search into paying leads for your business.