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Change is an event that scares people because it leads to the unknown. When developing a new business change is an essential factor. Today on Ninja On The Move we go through how a little change lead to Megan Louise getting her anticipated holiday. From Newcastle Pet Resort, Megan is all about keeping dogs social. Owners are able to drop their dogs off and know that they will pick up their pets socialised and in good spirit. Megan loves to works with dogs and the biggest thing is she is making a difference for the dogs, their owners, and the overall community.
Megan changed many aspects of her business through the Ninja program. Without fear of change, Megan saw her business grow through her Facebook and Website. She mentions “Through social media the dogs have created connections within people”. Looking at her website there was something that made people not want to book. COM helped Megan make the slight change of how the bookings were made online and with that change Megan increased her turnover by 20%. Megan was open to changing the way she was running her business and understood what that would entail. Throughout the years Megan was able to hold all of her 26 employees accountable. Slowly she did not have to be there every hour of the day, 365 days a year. She changed the culture and environment of her business.

It all started with Megan and her husband working every day and now they have great staff who she trusts. The trust she has built and changes she has made has enabled Megan to on holiday which has not happened for the past eight years. The Ninja program helped establish Megan’s website, strategy and management. Megan was able to do this because she learned and implemented what was taught as a Ninja. Not only learning and implementing but open to change. Change is part of the process and the more people who become agreeable with the idea of change the more success people will become. Megan is a great example of agreeing with change. We are so excited to hear that Megan can have some time to relax knowing her business will be able to run smoothly. Great job Megan!

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